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God Bless the American People

After three days waiting for the outcome of the American elections, we will be the first to announce that we have the forty-seventh president of the United States, Joe Biden. We officially announce it before any other blog or other media outlet and we take it for granted.

Only four presidents have not repeated in U.S. history, the first the first president not to get a second term in the last 100 years was Herbert C. Hoover  in the 1932 presidential election. This year, the United States felt deeply the effects  of 1929 Wall Street crack  and the Great Depression. The next one  was Gerald Ford, had not been elected to the polls: he obtained the vice presidency of the United States in 1973 following  the  resignation of the previous vice president, Spiro Agnew,after being convicted of tax evasion. A year later, the Watergate scandal, a case of espionage and harassment of political opponents by the government discovered in 1972, forced President Nixon to resign, and Ford thus agreed to the presidency in 1974, to  abandon  contra Ronald Reaganit in 1977 after losing the 1976 election to Democratic nominee Jimmy Carter.  siguiente  Jimmy Carter’s popularity had fallen because  66 U.S. citizens were abducted in Iran in 1979,and theU.S. economy was resenting the rise in oil prices..  an economic recession after the end of the Cold War and the Gulf War,the loss of support from Republican bases by breaking his promise not to create new  taxes caused  GeorgeH.W  Bush to lose re-election in 1992 to Bill Clinton.

And this morning the fifth to enter the history of re-election losers is Trump. Today is a day  that  will mark our history and that  of our  children. The election of Joe Biden as president of the United States for the next four years will save a country’s dignity, bring multilateralism back to life, bury populism, and above all give a boost to the global agenda on climate change.

Biden’s administration can unite efforts to end climate change; in fact, it can guide them. Vice-President Kamala Harris has announced that one of her first acts would be to convene a meeting of high-broadcast nations, perhaps encouraging more of them to increase their ambition in anticipation of the upcoming UN meetings in Scotland in 2021.

At this hour, while half the world is waking up, Americans are going to sleep with a clear conscience,  with a smile for the job well done, and with the lesson learned so that a president like Donald Trump will never step back on the oval office. Democracy has these things, anyone can aspire to have the nuclear briefcase, but if you don’t take the opportunity,  you’re doomed to oblivion for history.

All U.S. elections will determine the character of the country over the next four years. And they also have a lot to say about how the world will feel: that’s what it means to be a superpower. But Joe Biden’s  choice  determines the taste of the next fourmillennia.  

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