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The Atlantic Renaissance

In recent times, Morocco and Spain have witnessed how the vastness of the Mediterranean and the immensity of the Atlantic, historically marked on their horizons,

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Hello friend!


“Beauty is eternity looking at yourself in a mirror.

But you are eternity and you are the mirror”. Kahlil Gibran.

From a very early age I had to learn to face challenges that exceeded me in size, those that are sometimes called tragedies. At 11 I lost my mother; at 15 to my father. From then on I had to make the trip on my own but never alone.

Welcome to

Why Do I Write?

In a world where news evaporates quickly and wars are distilled into digestible chunks for rapid consumption, where public attention jumps from one novelty to

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The Sahara.

These days, my thoughts traveled back in time to the 1990s in Tangier, recalling a fleeting friendship with a peculiar neighbor who was living out

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Abderrahim Ouadrassi

CEO and founder of SAIFHOTELS, which manages several hotels in Morocco, and RELASTATIA real estate company. He has worked as a weekly contributor to the balearic newspaper Última Hora, on issues of internationalization and economic news. Actually he is the president of EUROAFRICA FOUNDATION, which try to integrate and facilitate commercial, cultural and institutional links between the two continents.