Merry “new” Christmas

This 2020 is being different in every way, we have gone through long months of confinement, empty and dark streets on the brightest days of the year, parks without children and cinemas without spectators, small shops that lower the barrier without the hope of raising it again and widespread uncertainty.

This year’s Christmas holidays will look a lot like this year; but it’s not the first time it’s happened. 15% of the Spanish population knows this and has lived it. Our elders born before 1950 have suffered the effects of a different Christmas, those who lived through the war of independence or the Spanish civil war of the 1930s. Our elders have been able to maintain the custom of Christmas for years and have protected and kept it for fear of losing it again as in the time of war.

These parties are different because they don’t have to be bad, we can be in solidarity with our elders, and protect them as they have protected us. Taking care of them and not spreading them, hugging them can mean spreading them because the virus doesn’t move alone, we move it ourselves. Going from one area with a high rate of community transmission to another where there may be little case to increase the risk of an outbreak in that area.

Our generation, that generation that was born after the wars, that 85% of the population has the duty and obligation to learn to be in solidarity with those closest to us before thinking of being in solidarity with the furthest. Being lonely this Christmas, it doesn’t symbolize sadness, it means we love our family, friends and colleagues, it means we’re supportive. Even if it hurts, we have to keep tinging up the virus until the vaccine all arrives and we get out of this pandemic. Contacts must be avoided to tackle contagion. Tonight, is good Night and tomorrow will be Christmas. If we don’t see each other these days, if we don’t hug, if we can’t shake hands or say hello with a kiss: simply because we love each other. Merry Christmas to all.

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