Modi: an Islamophobe on your way

India has in recent times become the sixth largest growing economy with GDP amounting to 2.3 trillion euros, last year’s economic growth was 6% thanks to structural reforms and its global position as a second agricultural exporter after China.

The creation of Pakistan as a new country in 1947 forked from India was mainly because of the religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims, the Muslim minority that remained in India was able to live in harmony by the efforts of Gandhi and Nehru, who ruled the country from its independence from Britain until 1964.

On 11 December, India’s government passed a legislative reform that allowed tens of thousands of immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to access Indian nationality even though they have entered the country illegally. However, on one condition: that they are not Muslims. Considering that Islam is the majority religion in these three neighboring countries, the new norm frightens: It is clearly segregationist! but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, the BJP, defends itself by ensuring that what it seeks is to protect religious minorities fleeing those countries. Given Narendra Modi’s background on these issues, it should come as no surprise. U.S. state denied entry to the current Indian representative for years because of his responsibility when he was minister of the state of “Gujarat” for having brutally suppressed protests by the Muslim population in 2002, a crackdown that left a thousand dead.

Modi’s BJP party has a highly Hindu dialectic and is not the first step aimed at favoring this religious group. In India, about 14% profess the Islamic religion, which is talking about more than 130 million people who feel harmed by Modi’s laws. Previously it has already happened with the prohibition of the slaughter of cows by the Muslim population. Protests against this measure left thousands dead and the parties were never reconciled and neither the guilt was assumed.

The populist discourse that travels the world from the White House to Westminster and from Brasilia to Rome, has found in New Delhi a very important breeding ground and is taking advantage of the improvement of the economy to build a wall of discrimination towards a religious minority.

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