Morocco seduces Balearic Islands

For many years, companies, institutions and even Balearic society have set long-range goals, encouraging their exports, strengthening political ties and even looking for an exotic trip to Caribbean beaches before considering a getaway to the nearby dunes.

Economic instability, Brexit and instability in Latin America are all prompting a shift in focus. Lately we have been undergoing a change of position led above all by tourism, as well as financial and service companies that are increasingly looking to our southern neighbour for their expansion plans. Morocco, in this sense, is betting on a lasting relationship that seeks to strengthen communication ties “aero-maritime”. This year we will have three direct destinations from San Joan, and the trend seems set to continue. It also speaks to a yearning for a social relationship with the Moroccan community on the islands: we have more than 30,000 Moroccan citizens officially resident in the Balearic Islands. This naturally leads to an exchange of knowledge and an apprenticeship in the Balearic approach to tourism. Furthermore, the largest tourist companies of Mallorca have now comfortably expanded to Morocco, in addition to service companies that offer technological advice. But Morocco is not only a territory with connections related to tourism; there are opportunities for many companies, including those in renewable energy, agri-food and public works. In the case of public works, Morocco has just announced an investment package worth 400 billion euros that can be accessed by Mallorcan companies through public contracts or subcontractors with companies that are already present on the ground. But there is no need to be a large company, nor have significant established access the Moroccan market. Entrepreneurs have a vast field of opportunities in sectors such as services, catering, and distribution. The World Bank’s latest report on “Doing Business”, which produces a ranking of the most attractive countries to do business, puts Morocco 53rd, an improvement in seven places compared to last year’s report.

The path to strengthening relations between Morocco and the Balearic Islands is long-term and needs real will between the institutions and a change of strategy in terms of business, but the first steps are already being taken. It will only take constancy and continuous work to achieve a mutually prosperous future.


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