Morocco leads the fight

While the northern countries of the Mediterranean shore are considered the most polluting, we find the south of the shore with countries that put remedies to soften the effects of climate change. Unpointed only by Sweden, Morocco leads the fight against atmospheric change as a continental leader and with a very advanced position worldwide.

Anonymous letter

He doesn't know my name, he's probably never seen me on the street, but I do see him every day on the daily map of the incotes. I just want to tell you that everyone here is waiting for your recovery; you can't go to mass or mosques, but we pray every day for you to have a good recovery. Outside, there is an incredible wave of solidarity with your caregivers. by the way, if you listen to eight o'clock tonight a few applauses, let her know that they are addressed to her caregiver and her doctor and to the whole system that will make her recover soon.

Safe Mallorca

Since the end of the alarm status on 21 June, regrowths have been on the rise throughout the national territory with different incidences. Not only that, almost every country in our environment is living with the regrowthes, but lately it seems that the Balearic Islands is listed as one of the areas where newer cases are detected. What happened?