Safe Mallorca

Since the end of the State of Alarm on 21 June, cases have been on the rise throughout the country. Not only that, almost every country in our environment is living with a resurgence of the virus, but lately it seems that the Balearic Islands is listed as one of the areas where increasing numbers of cases are being detected. What happened?

The Communication: We have submitted to the Ministry of Health both the health and operational accounts, which are different: scientific evidence is not the same as the description of the immeasurable logistical effort of containment. The cold facts of the reality in the region have prevailed. 

Campaigns abroad: The Canary Islands paid for advertisements in German newspapers during this summer “low season in the Canary Islands” and has received the reward of being excluded from the danger zone. By comparison, the Balearics have stumbled with their narrative, which had started very well with the “health corridors”. However the messaging did not evolve as the crisis continued to change.

The account of the contagion figures: The misleading statistics have put us in a terrible position. We have been prisoners of a clinical and health account that did not take into account population flows to the Balearic Islands that obviously distort any consideration of the incidence of the virus.

Transparency: we have committed the sin of being transparent and not hiding data; and behind the scientist not one politician has come forward to contextualize the data. We have been the community with the highest reception of tourists from high-risk areas, which has resulted in an explosion of exclusively local risk. The nuance of this fact has been missing from discussions. 

Mallorca is a safe destination because it is the island of the community where more tests are done, the health system works and there is availability of hospital beds, the population respects security measures and everyone uses masks, and our hotels, bars and restaurants have invested in adaptation and safety measures. This is the message that we have to take abroad every day to be able to rescue this season and cushion the harsh consequences that await us all in the winter.


Africa day

As a Suajili proverb says: “If you don’t plug the holes, you’ll have to rebuild the walls.”

Vaccine apartheid

We are challenged to see global health as a universal good.

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