The New Intercontinental Hub of the Mediterranean

In a world racing towards the future, Mallorca stands as a strategic bridge in the heart of the Mediterranean, asserting its role as an essential intercontinental hub. While other destinations strive to find their place on the global map, our islands are already positioned to connect continents and facilitate the flow of people, ideas, and businesses.


China’s interest in Mallorca is not new. For years, the Chinese have been quietly observing and working to secure their interests on our islands. This silent yet consistent approach has established a solid foundation for future collaborations and investments. This week, Palma de Mallorca welcomes groups of investors and entrepreneurs from diverse locations such as Dubai and Jeddah, all seeking unique opportunities that only Mallorca can offer.


The Euroafrica Foundation has been a driving force in promoting our islands as a key intercontinental node. We often underestimate our own know-how, but from the outside, Mallorca is seen as the “Mediterranean miracle.” This external perception drives us to continue working to position Mallorca on the global map, not only as a tourist destination but also as a center for research, innovation, and business.


Today, the Palma Convention Center inaugurates, for the first time, a forum dedicated to capturing global attention on the Saudi miracle from Mallorca. This event aims not only to highlight our islands as a point of connection with Asia but also to foster collaboration and cooperation with local businesses eager to expand or already positioned internationally.


Mallorca, an intercontinental hub, is not just a headline; it is an ever-evolving reality. Our islands offer a unique and exportable experience that we must learn to value and promote. Despite the challenges of tourism saturation and other difficulties we face, we continue to be an example of resilience and adaptability.


Writing about business and enterprises from a purely logical perspective may seem impossible when one is in love with these islands. However, it is precisely this passion that drives us forward. Mallorca is not just a destination; it is a strategic platform that connects continents and cultures. With the ongoing support of local and international initiatives, our islands will continue to thrive and reaffirm their place on the global stage.


As the world moves at a dizzying pace, Mallorca reaffirms itself as a strategic hub in the Mediterranean. With growing interest from global investors and support from organizations like the Euroafrica Foundation, our islands are poised to play a crucial role in connecting continents and promoting knowledge and innovation. Mallorca opens the doors to the future.


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