Abderrahim Ouadrassi


“Beauty is eternity looking at yourself in a mirror.

But you are eternity and you are the mirror”. Kahlil Gibran.

From a very early age I had to learn to face challenges that exceeded me in size, those that are sometimes called tragedies. At 11 I lost my mother; at 15 to my father. From then on I had to make the trip on my own but never alone.

The rest of my training I gained from the outside world. I am the son of the places I travel. There is no better feeling than that interior light that is turned on when we discover a small daily detail that changes our life; therefore, he lived long periods in America, Europe and Africa. I am drawn and comfortable stepping into the unknown.

I developed tough skin, quick wit, and disciplined approach to problem solving, being able to discern people’s interests and motives. I studied Literature because life contains emotional layers that we will never have access to if we do not connect with our most intimate forms of expression. I specialized in International Business Management because I firmly believe that companies can generate a real impact on societies and maximize their profitability at the same time. It is a directly proportional relationship.

I’m also CEO of the real estate Relastatia.

Currently, I am president of the Saif Hotels Group, an investment conglomerate in the hotel and tourism sector. We have first-class hotels deployed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

For over 10 years, I have dedicated myself to the General Management of medium and large companies. I have also developed dozens of corporate projects related to commercial operations, sales and marketing strategies, among other challenges.

My personal and professional training has made me a natural negotiator. I believe effective communication allows all parties to a conversation to win. Likewise, I believe that companies that strive to be innovative and create products focused on the consumer experience have the upper hand in this race that has been outlined by Digital Transformation.

I also feel very committed to NGOs, charities and the social work of companies. I am the president of the EuroAfrica Foundation, an NGO that promotes relations between African and European countries, with equal opportunities.

For over two decades, I have focused on consulting for International Business Development focused on helping European companies detect business opportunities in the Arab world, including North Africa and the countries of the Persian Gulf; and vice versa: supporting Arab companies wishing to enter or expand their operations in the European market

Specialties: International Business, General Management, Corporate Development, Product Development, Business Operations, Strategy, Product Marketing, Nonprofit Government.

However, as Oscar Wilde says: “I am not young enough to know everything.”

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Abderrahim Ouadrassi

CEO and founder of SAIFHOTELS, which manages several hotels in Morocco, and RELASTATIA real estate company. He has worked as a weekly contributor to the balearic newspaper Última Hora, on issues of internationalization and economic news. Actually he is the president of EUROAFRICA FOUNDATION, which try to integrate and facilitate commercial, cultural and institutional links between the two continents.