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Abderrahim Ouadrassi

Abderrahim Ouadrassi

“Beauty is eternity looking at yourself in a mirror.

But you are eternity and you are the mirror”. Kahlil Gibran.

From a very early age I had to learn to face challenges that exceeded me in size, those that are sometimes called tragedies. At 11 I lost my mother; at 15 to my father. From then on I had to make the trip on my own but never alone.

The rest of my training I gained from the outside world. I am the son of the places I travel. There is no better feeling than that interior light that is turned on when we discover a small daily detail that changes our life; therefore, he lived long periods in America, Europe and Africa. I am drawn and comfortable stepping into the unknown.

I developed tough skin, quick wit, and disciplined approach to problem solving, being able to discern people’s interests and motives. I studied Literature because life contains emotional layers that we will never have access to if we do not connect with our most intimate forms of expression. I specialized in International Business Management because I firmly believe that companies can generate a real impact on societies and maximize their profitability at the same time. It is a directly proportional relationship.

I’m also CEO of the real estate Relastatia.

Currently, I am president of the Saif Hotels Group, an investment conglomerate in the hotel and tourism sector. We have first-class hotels deployed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

For over 10 years, I have dedicated myself to the General Management of medium and large companies. I have also developed dozens of corporate projects related to commercial operations, sales and marketing strategies, among other challenges.

My personal and professional training has made me a natural negotiator. I believe effective communication allows all parties to a conversation to win. Likewise, I believe that companies that strive to be innovative and create products focused on the consumer experience have the upper hand in this race that has been outlined by Digital Transformation.

I also feel very committed to NGOs, charities and the social work of companies. I am the president of the EuroAfrica Foundation, an NGO that promotes relations between African and European countries, with equal opportunities.

For over two decades, I have focused on consulting for International Business Development focused on helping European companies detect business opportunities in the Arab world, including North Africa and the countries of the Persian Gulf; and vice versa: supporting Arab companies wishing to enter or expand their operations in the European market

Specialties: International Business, General Management, Corporate Development, Product Development, Business Operations, Strategy, Product Marketing, Nonprofit Government.

However, as Oscar Wilde says: “I am not young enough to know everything.”

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