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Africa looks at Europe

Europe is at a time in its history facing major challenges and uncertainties about its global project. two decades since enlargement to the Eastern countries, Europe seems immobilized: Brexit, populisms, citizen disaffection, etc. At the same time, it is formerly faced with major challenges such as cybersecurity, the refugee crisis and the digital divide in the rural world.

Africa is currently advancing its political union while working towards the economic union of African countries. Economic growth has increased over the past decade at a remarkable rate. Structural reforms are accelerating accompanied by investment in the strategic sectors. The region has made great steps and is about to become the next major success story in the developing world.

 Europe, 14 km away, must look at Africa, generously manage migration flows, ensure, in the short term, a dominant, economically and culturally speaking position. Africa will be a lung of the global economy. If Europe is committed to a new mode of cooperation with peoples linked to it by culture and history, it can help lift the civilization of the future.

Africa should not only be a partner of interest to Europe, but it must look to the continent as a profit market, but as a co-development partner, that is, of shared enrichment. Europe must bet on aid to Africa in major infrastructure projects, enter into partnerships with countries that wish, engage with China to prevent Africans from turning their backs on Europe.

 Europe must forget about the time of the colonies, help Africa not to continue exporting human beings, to build a space of social cooperation that ensures benefits to the two continents, that obscures the bleeding of immigration and that helps to make the leap to a new era of development and progress. To change the present reality and build this new relationship, we must work on the consolidation and extension of the immense scope of cooperation, rather than always removing on the exclusionary factors.


Africa day

As a Suajili proverb says: “If you don’t plug the holes, you’ll have to rebuild the walls.”

Vaccine apartheid

We are challenged to see global health as a universal good.

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